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This is guide on how to make custom Displays for Vbus. The Display files are stored in the tab/tablice folder.

The name of the fileEdit

The board name has the pattern: where

  • a - board width 112,86,70,21
  • b - board height 16,12,9
  • c - board type
    • m - mozaic or LED
    • d - plywood
  • d - type of board make
    • a - board with number and last stop
    • b - board with number, first and last stop
    • c - board with number, first stop, route description, last stop
    • d - board with last stop (without number)
    • e - board with first and last stop (without number)
    • f - board with first stop, route description, last stop (without number)
    • g - board only with number


  • 2. line - make : as above (a to g)
  • 3. line - table width in mosaic points (for plywood optimum 84)
  • 4. line - table height in mosaic points (for plywood minimum 16 can be more)
  • 5. line - number font
  • 6. line - font for single line caption
  • 7. line - font for single line caption reduced
  • 8. line - font for bold caption in dual line
  • 9. line - font for normal caption in dual line
  • 10. line - font for reduced caption in dual line

Available fonts (lines 5 - 10):

  • a - 16pt.
  • b - 12pt.
  • c - 9pt.
  • d - 7pt.
  • e - 5pt.
  • f - do not show

For Displays without the possibilit of a second line: lines 9 & 10 we put 'f' but in line 8 we put ex. 'e' but not 'f'

Display coloursEdit

The display colours are in the tab/elementy folder. There have to be two bmps with a rsolution of 8X8.

  • #cloff.bmp 1 pixel off
  • ###off.bmp 1 pixel on

You need to choose three letters for ###. In the #you replace the # with the first letter, example: dor: dcloff.bmp doroff.bmp wbd: wcloff.bmp wbdoff.bmp

To change the display colour in te bus you need to change the second line in wysw.bus to the three letters.

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